Tennis Club Balgach

Tennisclub Balgach

Tennis Club Balgach is a small but nice tennis club in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley with about 250 members. Beside competition, the club’s activities are also focused on many fun events. Great importance is set on sociability. However, with the Interclub and Club Championships, the members of TC Balgach also engage in various serious matches.


Volunteer day to combat neophytes

In the Balger vineyards, it has been possible to watch in recent years how the one-year occupational plant is steadily spreading. This plant was brought in from the North American continent and is called an invasive neophyte because of its aggressive spread. It displaces native species and because it does not provide food for insects, it also contributes to the decline of insects. You will have noticed that the slopes in particular are covered with a white flowering plant, about 60 cm high, from around June.

And we can do something about it!

The Balger Natur association, together with representatives of the viticulture and the political community of Balgach, has decided to contain the spread. For the time being, this will be done for about 3 years, after which an assessment will be made of success and failure. We are doing the same as many other communities in Switzerland and in the Rhine Valley. In order to be successful, we need many helpers. The Balger Natur association is therefore calling on all clubs in Balgach to actively help. It is clear that we from the tennis club will also join in!

The Balger Natur association hopes for 20 – 30 volunteers each Saturday morning. As tennis players, we meet the requirements for participation: physically fit and able to walk off-road. With your participation you do something good for nature and for the community and even for the tennis club, because we are compensated with Fr. 32 per person and half day.

The work consists of uprooting or cutting out the plants together with the roots before they flower. The necessary material and a snack will be provided by the community.

To ensure that the campaign is effective, we plan to work on 4 Saturday mornings from 08:00 to 11:45.  You can register directly here:


I am also happy to accept registrations by SMS on 079 611 71 72 (just click on the number and an SMS will open). Show your solidarity and join in – on behalf of nature, I thank you.

Peter Meier, President TC Balgach

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Tennis camp for kids and teens

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Member survey TC Balgach

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Please make sure that the courts are completely dry before playing on them. The decision on this is up to the chief of the courts or another member of the board. A very simple rule applies:

If the streets are wet from the rain
there is neither fun nor games on the tennis court!


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