Club board

Club board 2020

At the 43rd Annual General Meeting on 14 March 2020, the club board of TC Balgach was elected. It is formed by 11 members, who manage various departments.

In the following post you will find more information about the 43rd Annual General Meeting.

President Urs August Graf

Vice President Peter Meier

Finance Lukas Durot

Game Operations Robert Zanga

Sponsorship Rolf Zollinger

Offline Communication Belinda Köppel

Online communication Miroslav Gligoric

Sport verein-t Hakim El Haddouchi

Young talents Robert Zanga

Chief of tennis courts Florian Oesch

Infrastructure Janine Zünd

Club board Tennis Club Balgach
(left to right) Hakim El Haddouchi, Lukas Durot, Peter Meier, Belinda Köppel, Urs August Graf, Rolf Zollinger, Miroslav Gligoric, Florian Oesch und Robert Zanga